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23, Skorpion, Colombia, Meta
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hot hard cock and ass
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Geschlecht Mann
Interessiert an Frauen, Männer
Alter 23
Größe 175cm - 185cm
Gewicht 70 - 80 kg
Haare Brünett
Augen Braun
Volkszugehörigkeit Latein-/Hispanoamerikanisch
Sprachen Spanisch, Englisch
Heimatort Meta
Intimbereich teilweise rasiert
Penis Groß
Was mich geil macht
It excites me to think of your hard cock and your soft ass ready to suck and penetrate deep inside. And of course it excites me that you touch me from a distance, touch me please!
Über mich
First of all and most important of all, I want you to know that dignity goes hand in hand with respect and gratitude, just that, be aware that in this room there is no funnel law, what is the funnel law? in which you ask and only receive and give nothing in return as well as the funnel that only asks and asks for water and never returns the water. What I want to get to is that when you give something you will always expect something from me, you will receive the same thing that you give me, for example pleasure and a lot of sweat or simple company or a sexual or non-sexual lover, so you will receive the same thing that you give about you and not talking anymore please. Fuck me in every possible way, touch me from a distance. Get my dick fat and veiny out stream of sweat and lots of milk
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I hope you feel comfortable and happy sharing a while of my time with you, I am a guy colombian plainsman very respectful and very gentle guy I like that they make me laugh and that they make me very happy, I like to smoke, Wd and that helps me to lower the stress, I am very passionate I like hard and soft sex at the same time, I love to do oral sex is my favorite and that they do it for every part of my body, I am a guy of versatile sexual preference so you will not have escape from my attributes I hope you know me a little more and you have a great time with my company, I hope you!
Was ich abstoßend finde
I am paid the lack of motivation on your part and of course what turns me offthat you do not touch me from a distance.
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My house
My house
My great desire is to have a big house where I can live with my family and be very happy.
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20000 tips for me
20000 tips for me
This will make my day a great day and you will make me very happy, I will use it to pay debts
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